Australian Angus New Yorks - 10 oz Steaks - 3+ bms – Wagyu Steak Company


Australian Angus New Yorks - 10 oz Steaks - 3+ bms

Australian Angus New Yorks - 10 oz Steaks - 3+ bms

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Not your everyday steak, these 10 oz. "Baseball Cut" Australian Angus New Yorks
are thick, averaging 1 1/2" - 2" in thickness.

A Genuine treat for any steak lover, with just the right amount of marbling for optimum tenderness and added richness.

With steak this good, there is no need to "fancy" it up with complicated herbs, spices, or sauces, just a liberal sprinkling of salt and pepper is all you need to compliment the big flavor it brings.
You will receive one 10 oz Australian Angus NY Steak for $19.95.

                                 What Makes Our Australian Angus So Special?

Our Australian Steaks are phenomenal and have such great flavor because of their feeding program,

Which require a minimum of
400 days on white grain - Australian barley and wheat
(absolutely no corn).

This same feeding program is used on both our Australian Angus and Australian Wagyu Steaks, which is what gives these steaks their amazing flavor.
-In Fact, most of our customers that have tried our Australian Steaks prefer them to American Steaks.-
What's the Difference between
Australian Wagyu & Australian Angus?

The main difference between the Australian Angus and Australian Wagyu Steaks is the marbling, which Wagyu has a lot more of.

Both types of cattle have excellent flavor but will be notably different from other types of beef you'll eat because of the ranches they come from and the diet they have.

As the saying goes, "You are what you eat", and the quality of these steaks are definitive from the first bite you take because of their quality feeding program.