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Why Buy Australian Wagyu?

If you think about every memorable steak you have had, it probably came from an exceptional cut of beef. An amazing steak is distinguished by its taste, texture, grade and cut. Let's go over what makes a good steak and why steaks from the Wagyu Steak Company are so special.

(pictured above is a 20oz 8-10 bms Ribeye)

Beef Marbling
Beef marbling is defined as pure and visible white flecks of intramuscular fat. Marbling is the trait the decides the quality of meat. Beef with high marbling when prepared and consumed in moderation has several advantages apart from texture and taste. High-quality marbled beef contains a high level of marbling, which means it also has a high level of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids.
There is a huge misunderstanding about fat. When you consume food, you are ingesting more than one type of fat. Any food that contains fat has more than one fat within it. While watching the amount of fat you eat is good, it is better to pay attention to what types of fat you are eating. Saturated fats are not considered beneficial for health, but monounsaturated fats are. Monounsaturated fats are healthy fatty acids that have been shown to lower cholesterols and the risk of heart diseases.

Advantages of Wagyu Beef
Wagyu beef is superior because it has the greatest amount of marbling, which means it also has the most oleic acids (a monounsaturated fatty acid, naturally found in the fats and oils of animals and vegetables). These fatty acids have been shown to improve an individual’s health by increasing their ability to fight off infections and diseases as well as boosting their immunity.

Australian Wagyu surpasses American or Black Angus due to the quality and the amount of marbling as well as the distribution of it. Australian Wagyu is often described as buttery, tender, and delicious.

(pictured above is a 20oz 8-10 bms New York)

Grades of Beef
Grades of Beef, from lowest quality to highest in terms of Beef Marbling Score (BMS):
• Standard and Commercial grade
Standard and or Commercial grade is commonly sold as ungraded or store brand and has scant amounts of marbling if any at all. It is generally also the cheapest, and toughest cut available in local grocery stores.

• Select grade (BMS 0-1)
Select is customarily a leaner cut with minimal marbling which leads to a tougher cut of meat.

• Choice grade (BMS 2-3)
Choice grade is highest quality generally found at your local supermarket. Has less marbling than Prime grade, even so has a decent amount of marbling.

• Prime grade (BMS 4-5)
Prime grade can sometimes be found at your local grocery store, but normally it is more likely something you would purchase from a higher end grocery store or butcher. This grade habitually comes from young well-fed cattle, which is why it has a good amount of marbling. Hence why most restaurants and hotels use this grade.

• Prime + or Elite Prime (BMS 5-6)
This is the grade that American Wagyu, and high-end Black Angus fall under. The only difference between the two is the amount of marbling, and in this case typically the American Wagyu has a bit more marbling as well as more even distribution of the marbling.

• Australian Wagyu (BMS 7-9)
Australian Wagyu score better than American Wagyu or Black Angus, averaging a BMS score of 7-9 or in the Australian system AUS-MEAT 7-9. Australian Wagyu surpasses American or Black Angus due to the quality and the amount of marbling as well as the distribution of it. Often described as buttery, tender, and delicious.

• Japanese Wagyu (BMS 9-12)
Japanese Wagyu has the highest level of marbling on the market which is why it is the most prized as well as the most expensive on the market.

(pictured above is a slice from a 6-7 bms Ribeye)

Why Buy Australian Wagyu from the Wagyu Steak Company?
Our Australian Wagyu Steaks are the most awarded grain fed wagyu beef in Australia and our Seafood is always natural and wild.
Our Sister company, Great Alaska Seafood, is a 3rd generation, Alaskan family owned and operated seafood company offering premium seafood products for 40+ years.
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Their Alaskan Seafood is 100% WILD, which is even better than Organic, all natural, and heart healthy. The pristine waters of Alaska's 34,000 mile coastline and rivers supply the sustainable fishery from which we harvest our catch.

(pictured above is Wild Alaskan King Salmon from great-alaska-seafood.com)

Premium Australian Wagyu and 100% Wild Seafood just tastes better.
Wagyu Steaks are extremely tender and juicy.
Wild Seafood has more texture, less fat, and a clean, distinct flavor.

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